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Picture(c)Guy Kleinblatt


Anna is not at all happy when she hears that her cousin Tara Myrold and her parents are moving from Cleveland to Cape Cod and renting the beach house where the sea witch Goody Hallett used to live.

“If you talk about things that are secret, Goody Hallett will turn your mouth into stone,” says Anna. Tara presses her lips together and doesn’t reveal her secret. She only wears red T-shirts, because red means “stop.” She gathers cork bottles to send messages to Europe. She draws fish and tells strange stories. When Tara’s mother dies, she sits for days in the dunes and talks to no one.

Until the day when a pod of pilot whales beaches. Tara and Anna experience the entire rescue operation and through the difficulties with the small pilot whale, Baby, Tara begins her story. Through talking, she realizes that her mouth cannot turn into stone.

My Aunt is a Pilot Whale shares, in clear and tangible language, the story of a survivor of child sexual abuse.

The story of the stranding of whales is based on true events. Read a report of the stranding of 1986, with a photo of Baby, Tag en Noch.

English edition

  • My aunt is a pilot whale
    Toronto: Women's Press, 1994
    Translated by Ria Bleumer
    ISBN: 0 88961 202 1

Dutch editions

  • Mijn tante is een grindewal.
    Den Bosch: Malmberg / Van In, Boektoppers, pocket edition, 2003
    200 pag.
    isbn 90 345 1286X

  • Mijn tante is een grindewal.
    Antwerpen/Baarn: Houtekiet/Fontein, 1995
    159 pag.
    Cover: Gert Dooreman en Michiel Hendrickx (foto)
    ISBN for the Netherlanda 90 261 0882 6
    ISBN: 9789052403281
    ISBN: 9052403287 tot 1/1/07

  • Mijn tante is een grindewal.
    Antwerpen/Baarn: Houtekiet/Fontein, 1990
    159 pag.
    ISBN: 90 5240 046 6

Polish edition

  • Moja ciotka jest delfinem
    Gdansk: OficynaJP2, 2006
    Translated by Jadwiga Jedryas
    ISBN: 83 89857 16 2

Portuguese edition

  • A minha tia é uma baleia
    Porto: Afrontamento, 2002
    Translated by Arie Pos
    ISBN: 972 36 0450 7

Norwegian edition

  • Strandet
    Oslo: Aschehoug, 1992
    Translated from Danish to Norwegian by Mette Newth
    ISBN: 82 03 16915 5
    ISBN (Ungdomsbokklubben): 82 525 1761 7

Swedish edition

  • När grindvalar strandar
    Stockholm: Opal, 1992
    Translated by Ingrid Wiken Bonde & Peter Bolin
    ISBN: 91 7270 640 6

German editions

  • Tränen sind für die Augen, was der Regenbogen für den Himmel ist
    Weinheim: Anrich, 1995
    ISBN 3 89106 253 2

  • Tränen sind für die Augen, was der Regenbogen für den Himmel ist
    Kevelaer: Anrich, 1992
    Translated by Siegfried Mrotzek
    ISBN: 3 89106 144 7

Danish edition

  • Min tante er en grindehval
    København: Høst & Søn, 1991
    Translated by Birte Carle
    ISBN: 87 14 13017 3