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Picture(c)Guy Kleinblatt


11-12-2007 - Listen to Looking into the sun
An extract of Looking into the sun is read in English by Ginger da Silva on Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

23-05-2006 - Bill Moyers on Faith and Reason on PBS
Bill Moyers interviews writers on the topics of Faith and Reason.
Duration: some 25 minutes

17-04-06 - New York: PEN World Voices, The New York Festival of International Literature
Panel discussion on 'Tell That Story Again: Writing Myth Now' with David Grossman, Jeanette Winterson, Milton Hatoum and Anne Provoost. Moderator is Colum McCann.
"Working with myth—seeking new meaning in mankind’s oldest stories—is one of the greatest literary challenges. Writers who have rewritten myths for modern audiences discuss the complexities of making them new."
Duration: 2u48'

16-10-2001 - Praga Khan concerts the soundtrack of Falling
Reflections (YouTube video)

Choose your moment (YouTube Video)
Guilt (YouTube Video)

01-10-2004 - Audio edition of In the Shadow of the Ark
The unabridged audio edition of In the Shadow of the Ark, read by Marguerite Gavin, is available at Blackstone Audiobooks.

Spring 2001 - Movie adaptation of Falling
In 2001 the book Vallen/Falling was made into a feature film by Hans Herbots. Movie script by Hans Herbots, Jean Paul Chapple and Jenifer Landor. Featuring Lee Williams, Angela Bettis, Jill Clayburgh, Lydia Chagoll, Koen de Bouw and Wouter Hendrickx. Music by Praga Khan, guest singer Axelle Red.
Original soundtrack available on EMI.


Clip Falling by Axelle Red

Scene 1

Scene 2

Scene 3

Actrice Alice Krige (Ruth in the movie)

Spring 2001 - Interview on movie adaptation Falling
KingKong interviews Anne Provoost from book to film.

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