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Picture(c)Guy Kleinblatt


Falling, the movie
Belgium 2001
105 min - 35mm - UV english
Director: Herbots, Hans
Producer: Acasa Esana, Antwerp
In 2001 the novel Falling was made into a feature film by Hans Herbots. Movie script by Hans Herbots, Jean Paul Chapple en Jenifer Landor. Featuring Lee Williams, Angela Bettis, Jill Clayburgh, Lydia Chagoll, Koen de Bouw and Wouter Hendrickx. Music by Praga Khan, guest singer Axelle Red.
Original soundtrack available on EMI.

Lucas travels with his mother to the South of France to the home of her birth, where he renews an acquaintance with Caitlin, staying at the convent next door. Caitlin reveals dark secrets of Lucas' grandfather, who betrayed a group of Jewish children during the war, with dire consequences for both children and nuns. Meanwhile racial tension is mounting and Lucas finds himself under the spell of Benoit, a smooth talking extremist who draws him into violent action against a group of refugees. Lucas and Caitlin began to fall in love but a tragic event threatens to destroy their lives as an echo of the past. Finally only forgiveness will free the new generation to move foreward to a greater understanding.


Clip Falling by Axelle Red

Scene 1

Scene 2

Scene 3

Anne Provoost about Falling
"I adviced while the script was written, so I had the chance to experience 'the making of' from close-by. It sure is something to see your characters come to life. Fortunately, movie-making is a slow process. You have time to adapt your old mental pictures to the movie scenes. It helps you get rid of the feeling that the director is running off with your dream."

Actrice Alice Krige (Ruth in the movie)

"Dramatic and thrilling tale as a young man realizes his family's past and faces his own future."
Leeds Children's Film Festival 2003

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Music score

The music in the movie is by Praga Khan, with guest singers Axelle Red and Roos van Acker Praga Khan concerted Falling on Oktober 16th, 2001 in Gent.

Reflections live by Praga Khan

Choose Your Moment live by Praga Khan

Guilt live by Praga Khan